Hello, my name is Candice Junor and I am the founder and Co-owner of SKYN Med Spa formally known as The Canadian Camouflage Clinic. I’m a mother to three beautiful children, a wife and entrepreneur.  At the start of my post secondary education,  I went to university on a volleyball scholarship in the USA, where I received a degree in Business. Upon completion, I returned home to Canada and embarked on my journey in the Medical Aesthetics field, where I completed an intensive training program, and obtained a Medical Aesthetian Certification with The Canadian Aesthetics Academy. During a successful decade long career in the medical aesthetic field and always looking for ways to enhance the lives of others, I was introduced to the Brazilian technique of paramedical tattooing stretch marks/scar concealment.  

I have witnessed the effects that physical scars can have on someone’s self esteem as a close family member was in a terrible accident which left visible scars. I understand all too well the suffering that comes along with such a scar and made it my mission to master this technique.

Today, I am proud to be the first Certified Paramedical Camouflage Specialist in Canada. In an effort to provide my clients with the latest non-surgical techniques in a pleasant and safe environment, I employ a patient-oriented approach to cosmetic treatments focusing on the individual needs of each patient. I’m at the forefront of advances in aesthetic camouflage and actively interested in teaching the procedure to other field professionals.

Melisa Mariutti - Laser Medical Aesthetician/ Skincare expert.

Melisa Mariutti is an experienced Laser Medical Aesthetician and Skincare expert with a strong passion for the beauty industry. Since a young age, she has been actively involved in the field, and her dedication to continuous education is evident in her certifications in Aesthetics, Medical Aesthetics, Advanced Aesthetics, and Laser Technology, which she obtained from the Canadian Aesthetics Academy in 2007.

With over 16 years of industry experience, Melisa has worked with various high-end reputable companies and even served as a trainer before establishing her own practice in 2021. She firmly believes in the value of continuous learning and eagerly participates in educational events within the laser and skincare industry throughout North America.

Melisa's enthusiasm for her work stems from her belief that the industry has the power to enhance individuals' self-esteem, rather than being solely focused on vanity. Her dedication to patient satisfaction is evident in her approach. She takes great pride in ensuring that every patient receives comprehensive education and leaves her care completely satisfied with their treatments.

As a mother of two, Melisa treats everyone she works with as if they were her own family. With over 15 years of experience in Medical Aesthetics, she is driven by the goal of ensuring your happiness and contentment with her services.

From a young age Melisa has always had one foot in the beauty industry. She holds her certifications in Aethetics, Medical Aesthetics, Advanced Aesthetics and Laser Technology. She believes in continuous education and takes advantage of every opportunity to upgrade her skills and attend any educational event in the laser and skincare industry in North America. She received her Sciton Laser Certificate in 2017 and does ongoing education on it. 

She believes and takes great pride in making sure every patient leaves completely educated and happy with every treatment to achieve patient satisfaction. To show her passion through her work She treats everyone like she would her family. With over 15 years of Medical Aesthetics under her, she's not happy unless you are!

Stefanie Gunjilac, RN, BScN, Nurse Injector- Stefanie has been a Registered Nurse since 2014, and has been in the Medical Aesthetics Industry since 2018. Stefanie offers cutting edge beauty enhancement with neuromodulators and dermal fillers. Stefanie is a current member of the College of Nurses of Ontario and completed her RN, BScN at McMaster University. She has continued her education within many subspecialties throughout her career. The beginning of her career was focused in Pediatric Medical/Surgical and Intermediate Care as well as Pediatric Nephrology and Hemodialysis at McMaster Children’s Hospital. From 2018- present, Stefanie continues to work in Adult Hemodialysis and Medical Aesthetics.

“Coming from both a Pediatric and Hemodialysis subspecialty background, working with needles is an extension of myself. Precision and attention to detail is how I am wired, both in my personal life and Nursing practice.”

Stefanie has learned and mastered the art of neuromodulator and dermal filler techniques through a very renowned aesthetics training course followed by an intense mentorship program. With an abundance of intensive hands on training, experience, study and practice, Stefanie has become respected and sought after for her ability to achieve a natural, youthful look by clients of all ages and genders.

“Less is more”- is a motto I live by in this industry. I always explain to all my clients that they are the best representation of my passion and skill. I will always achieve the look they want, and advise with precision and honesty to produce the most naturally beautiful enhancement. Everyone can look and feel their best no matter what age they are.”

Vanessa Gaidola is a Medical Aesthetician who graduated from the International Beauty Institute program. Her love for skin health started at a very young age based on her personal struggles with acne. Vanessa knows first hard how skin concerns can impact your confidence and daily life. She was determined to find a solution to get her confidence back and has now made it her mission to improve and support her clients skin health.

Vanessa knows from her personal experience that the help of clinically proven skincare brands, the most effective technology and being consistent in your routine can transform your skin. She takes pride in treating everyone’s skin as if it was her own. Her passion and knowledge makes her the perfect partner to embark on your skincare journey together! 

Dr. Ronen Avram is a board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery in Hamilton, Ontario. Dr. Avram’s advanced training and 15+ years of experience with complex cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery cases have made him one of the most sought-after breast surgeons in Canada.

With his extensive experience and renowned practice, Dr. Avram is often called upon by other plastic surgeons for additional training opportunities and assistance with complex breast procedures.  More Info.

Kayla comes to us from an extensive background in television and film. This is where she learned the importance of self-maintenance including skin care and the significance of using makeup as an enhancement rather than temporary remedy. From a young age she had a love for makeup and as time went on her love for skin care developed. Grappling her own skin issues, along with the emphasis on looking ‘camera ready’, she started to educate herself on the world of skin care.
During Kayla’s pursuit to further her education, she has trained extensively in the area of Medical Aesthetics and turned her passion into a career. She is committed to helping her clients by focusing her expertise on natural enhancements.
Kayla lives by the motto “if you look good you feel good.” She believes in beauty inside and out. Her emphasis on internal wellness reflecting your external glow. Making her clients feel genuinely happy is her goal.
When Kayla is not at the spa she enjoys the outdoors, working out, podcasts, reading, cooking, exploring new restaurants and wineries, and spending time with her two cats, Joey and Frenchie.

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