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Discover the power of Medical Grade Skincare.


Neocutis offers premium skincare products that are the result of cutting-edge research and meticulous craftmanship. They offer exclusive technologies, combined with the use of premium cosmetic ingredients including PSP and MPC, which has led to the development of skincare products that deliver targeted peptides and proteins to help energize, nourish, and rejuvenate aging skin with zero downtime or skin reactions.

What is PSP?

Developed from research in scarless wound healing, Patented Processed Skin Proteins (PSP) is an optimally balanced blend of proteins, including human based growth factors, that supports your skin’s natural processes to preserve healthy, youthful-looking skin.

What is MPC?

Micro Protein Complex (MPC), their exclusive anti-aging technology, was developed to address five of the key factors that impact the appearance of skin as it ages; Collagens 1, 3 and 7, Elastin and HA (Hyaluronic acid). MPC products feature a trio of peptides to enhance these key factors and help restore the appearance of youthful skin.


*Please note; All Medical Grade Skincare requires a throughout consultation to customize your skincare needs and goals.


Vivier develops premium pharmaceutical skin care productsright here in Canada! It is a family run pharmaceutical company, proven to prepare, target, moisturize and protect your skin. Available in single or skin care kits, customizable and specifically tailored to your skin care needs for optimal resultsby using hand selected active ingredients.

They are one of the first companies to successfully stabilize high amounts of Vitamin C into the skin, by their IDS system and only using the highest quality of USP Vitamin C.  

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Our main company philosophy is quality, service and innovation. We provide up-to-date technology to our client satisfaction and beauty. As an official Stayve Distributor in the USA, we know that beauty is a matter of trust. We deliver products that are trusted by our clients.

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