Our priorities will always remain the same; making sure our clients get the utmost experience from beginning to end. At SKYN we believe in personalized care you can trust. You will receive high quality care, one on one attention and a clear treatment plan that is customized to your own special needs. Our mission is to allow individuals to reclaim their lost self-confidence and move forward with a body image they can love again. 


Lip Flip $100

A small amount of Botox or dysport is injected into either the upper or lower lip to create more “lip show”. The amount of neuromodulator injected into this area is based on the assessment and discretion of your injector. 

Gummy Smile 

  • Botox $9 Unit 
  • Dysport $8 Unit  
  • *4-10 units required

Gummy Smile is a term used to describe the excess appearance of the gums during the expression of smiling. There are a few different ways to manage a gummy smile in the world of medical aesthetics. A quick and non invasive way to correct a gummy smile is by have a neuromodulator (Dysport, Botox) injected into the muscle that controls the elevation of the upper lip. This consists of two injection points beside the lower corners of the nose. Pain is very minimal. In some cases, lip filler can also add a few millimetres of length to the upper lip which assists with increasing the surface area of coverage of the lip during smiling.

DAO ( Depressor Anguli Oris) - “The Frowny Face”

  • Botox $9 Unit 
  • Dysport $8 Unit
  •  *4-10 units required

The DAO is responsible for the “down turned smile”. It is the muscle that is responsible for lowering the corners of the lips and mouth. We use this expression to express displeasure or repulsion. When this becomes a concern, a small dose of Dysport or Botox is injected into each of these muscles on both sides of the mouth to “turn that frown upside down”

Anti Wrinkle Treatment 

  • Botox $9 Unit
  • Dysport $8 Unit

Lines and wrinkles in the face are caused by constant recurring expression in the face creating permanent creases and folds in the skin. Harsh expressions are created by strong pull in the muscles of the face. With the help of a Neuromodulators such as Dysport and Botox, we can create a weakness to the facial muscles to inhibitdramatic expression which in time erases fine lines and wrinkles. Where Botox cannot assist with lines and wrinkles, fillers are available depending on the area of the face. This is case dependant.

Dermal Filler

Lip Augmentation

Mini Lip Plump $299 0.5ml syringe

Full Lip $475 1ml syringe

Most fillers in the industry are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid is made naturally in the body and is the body’s own natural skin plumper. As we age, HA levels diminish and our skin looks less and less plump. When an HA filler is added, it integrates into the tissue and restores the natural plumping effect of the lost HA. Lip augmentations differ on a case to case basis. Some clients request plumping, and increase in size and surface area, as well as a change in lip shape. Fillers come in different densities and thicknesses. Thinner or less dense fillers are used for areas like lips. Thicker ones are injected deeper into the face to plump cheeks, and temple hollows. All the lip fillers we use are FULLY REVERSIBLE from the time they are administered, until the time they are reabsorbed. So even in the unlikely event, you didn’t like the results, we can reverse them in seconds.

Profile Balancing

Cheek $550 1ml Syringe *1-2 syringes required

Chin $375 0.5ml syringe *0.5-1 syringes required

Any and all non-surgical procedures change your facial balance. Appearance is altered by simple changes to the size of features of the face as well as changing the way light hits and reflects off the face. Clients generally tend to focus on certain obvious components of the face such as nose (nonsurgical rhinoplasty) or lip augmentation. Sometimes they may not notice that their profile may be thrown off by the size and projection of the chin. For example, a small chin may become more prominent once a nose becomes more complementary to a patients face, and inversely a chin may become smaller looking once a lip augmentation is complete. Generally, when profile balancing occurs, it’s an adjustment to the chin and/or cheeks, lips and sometimes nose in combination to create a more structured and refined look.

Jaw Line & Chin

Chin $550 1ml Syringe  *1 syringe required

Jaw Line $575 1ml syringe  *1-2 syringes required

Jawlines and chins are two areas that help define and sharpen the profile of the face. When other structures of the face are not complimentary to the face, alterations can be made to augment the chin and or jawline to blend these features creating a more harmonious complimentary appearance. A deep injection is used with a thicker moredense filler to create definition in these areas.

Cheek/ Mid Face Augmentation

$550 1ml Syringe  *1-2 syringes required

The mid-third of the face including the orbital rim as well as the nasolabial folds ( creases around the nose and mouth) are the areas of the face that begin to deplete and sink in as we age. When the fat pads in the mid cheek begin to break down, the nasolabial folds begin to take on a more exaggerated deep appearance. By augmenting the cheek with a deep injection of a dense thicker filler, we can restore the mid face fullness to lift the appearance of the face and nasolabial folds and create a more youthful appearance.

Tear Trough Filler

$550 1ml Syringe  *1-3 syringes required

The tear troughs are located in the area below the lower eyelid and above the mid cheeks. Tear trough rejuvenation is perfect for a patient that shows dark circles or bags under the eyes. With aging and or lifestyle and sometimes genetics, there is a weakening of the orbital septum and volume loss in the mid cheek which accentuates aging, hollowness and darkness. The change in trajectory of the face creates unflattering shadow casting. Addressing shadow casting is the science behind finding projections that enhance the beauty of the face.*Pricing is case dependant on the areas of the face and quantity required.

Corrective Work - When Things Go Wrong

Hyaluronidase $8 Unit

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Results that you expect to achieve sometimes differ if the views of your previous injector differ. Sometimes when filler is not injected into the proper plane for example of the lips, filler migration occurs. This impacts the ability for the lips to achieve optimal lift and sometimes creates an unattractive “shelf- like” appearance. Sometimes filler injected into the wrong plane of the cheeks and chin can also alter your appearance negatively. All of these unsatisfactory results require break down of filler. Filler break down occurs by using Hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks down Hyaluronic Acid. All fillers that we use here at SKYN Med Spa are entirely Hyaluronic Acid based fillers. These are the safest categories of filler to use especially in circumstances of adverse reactions or unsatisfactory results. Prior to the use of Hyaluronidase, all patients require a ‘patch test” to be completed in clinic a few minutes prior to the procedure commencing. It is very important that clients make us aware if they have any allergies to bee stings and /or require an epi-pen for this. Hyaluronidase contains components of bee venom which can be dangerous to clients with a history of bee allergies. Please be aware that if there are different fillers previously injected, large volumes of filler or more dense fillers used, it may take multiple sessions to adequately dissolve the filler. We also take a careful approach when dissolving as we don’t want to break down all the filler as we know you have spent a significant amount of money to achieve the volume you have. We will dissolve until we reach a point where we are certain we can achieve the desired outcome of the client. A minimum of 5 days is required between dissolving and refilling although we recommend two weeks for full inflammation to subside so we can refill.


PRP for Tear trough 

(3) $1200 *3 treatments required for best results

Platelets contain healing growth factors. These growth factors signal cells in your tissue to regenerate and multiply. There are immense uses for PRP in medicine to speed up wound healing and promote stronger and healthier tissue regrowth. With PRP for Tear Troughs, your native growth factors and stem cells work together to reverse aging by thickening the dermis and regenerating collagen to strength and lessen fine lines, darkness and hollowing. This is a less volatile option in comparison to fillers.

PRP for Hair Loss / Hair Restoration

(1) $500 | (3) $1200

Hair loss is a common issue among men and women of varying ages. These issues can be embarrassing and cause confidence and self esteem issues. Male and female pattern hair loss is generally a genetic problem. There are many different options on the market to prevent hair loss, some of which can cause intense side affects and aren’t always long lasting. Surgical hair restoration can be expensive and does not treat the underlying medical problems. Often times this can be costly and not permanent. PRP is a natural option that involves a simple injection of your own platelets into the vascular layer of your scalp.

PRP for Hair Regrowth:

  • Increases blood supply to the follicle Increases shaft size (thickness) 
  • Increases shaft size (thickness) 
  • Triggers and maintains the growth phase
  • Controls hair growth cycle
  • Decreases hair loss

Platelets contain healing growth factors. Those growth factors signals cells in your tissue to regenerate and multiply. There are intense uses for PRP in medicine to speed up wound healing and stronger and healthier tissue regrowth. With PRP for Hair, your growth factors and stem cells work together to reverse the maturation of the hair follicle and initiates the dormant hair back into growth stage.

Medical Botox

Hyperhidrosis (Pricing is per 100unit dosing)

  • $1000 Armpits
  • $1000 Hands
  • $1000 Feet
  • $300 Injection Fee for BYOB (Bring your own Botox)
  • $300 fee for Pain Blockers upon request. Available for hand/feet procedures via Dr. Ronan Avram

Sweat is your body’s temperature regulator. It is a way in which your body cools itself down. However, many individuals suffer from excessive sweating, a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis. In sever axillary hyperhidrosis, sweating significantly hyper exceeds the requirements for cooling and often accompanies an odour. Other instances of hyperhidrosis may occur in the hands and in the feet. Excessive sweating in the hands from nervousness or anxiety. As well as excessive sweating in the feet accompanying an unwelcome odour. Botox treatment is approved by the FDA to treat the symptoms of severe hyperhidrosis when medicines used on the skin do not work well enough. Botox is injected into the areas and works by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerve that stimulate the sweat glands. When the sweat glands don’t receive chemical signals, the sweating stops. We start with a lower dose of 50 units per armpit to see if this will suffice. Please be aware that you may require further dosing if the dose we provide at the current price does not work. We offer Botox treatments for these areas with pain blockers available for the more painful areas like hands and feet. These are far more painful as there is an abundance of nerve endings in these areas.